The Rose Princess

by Sunil 29. April 2009 16:44
She would stand at the street corner, her bunch of roses clasped firmly, as if to prevent them from being snatched away. She could not have been much older than twelve. Despite her dishevelled appearance she was pretty, very pretty; poised against th... [More]


A slice of life | A slice of life | A slice of life

Goa in the Monsoon

by Shayoni 24. April 2009 05:54
“Goa in the monsoon… Are you sure?” This was the comment I received the moment I mentioned it to anyone. Well… I am now seriously thinking about it. Actually to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I am rea... [More]


If only assignments were honeymoons!

by Sunil 23. April 2009 15:41
    As a writing/ photography couple, people often think of our work related trips as mini-honeymoons!! Only recently a neighbour commented “both of you are very lucky…you can get cozy in the most romantic of places...and t... [More]


Lauch of our blog

by Sunil 22. April 2009 04:45
Dear Friends, Ever since we launched our site just over six months ago, we wanted to launch a blog to interact with all of you. The blog  is now functional and our site finally interactive! Now we can share our travel tales and you can be part... [More]


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