Just another day...

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 16. June 2010 13:10
Just another day... It is morning; at least I think it is. It is difficult to tell… The allegedly sagacious members of our building have illuminated the compound with a battery of floodlights, it may not keep thieves away, but it certa... [More]

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A slice of life

Lavasa - an eco friendly alternative to urban living

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 10. June 2010 13:31
Lavasa Western India is famous for its industrialisation; however, this has always been accompanied by unplumbed chaos! Most cities have thus remained shamefully unplanned as a consequence of having to cater to capitalistic avarice and the needs of ... [More]


Daman - The Portuguese Connection

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 1. May 2010 11:02
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Popeye the Sailor Man

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 9. July 2009 05:31
  Blow Me Down! "I yam what I yam and that's all I yam." – Popeye the Sailor Man   This Spinach eating, Bluto busting sailor man has enthralled millions of children and adults around the world. Despite being uneducated and devoi... [More]


Kolkata - My City

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 18. May 2009 00:29
I recently read an article “A Walk in Calcutta” by Somini Sengupta (http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/05/03/travel/03calcutta.html The New York Times) forwarded by family who live in the United States. While it was well structured and conc... [More]


Sacred Waters (The Rivers of India)

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 8. May 2009 04:01
They may, or may not be regarded as the explorers’ favourite destination and polluted by avarice, neglect and the needs of a burgeoning population they are certainly not an ecological Xanadu; but ask the millions of pilgrims and tourists ... [More]


Mumbai my whore.

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 1. May 2009 16:21
It is time; I shall soon have to bid her adieu… I may not be missed, after all, I am not her only customer and she is but a whore. We have developed a strange fondness for each other, a strange love-hate relationship. We used to love each othe... [More]

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