Raising Anuraag - The Music of my Life

by newuser09876 7. September 2013 08:38
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Just another day...

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 16. June 2010 13:10
Just another day... It is morning; at least I think it is. It is difficult to tell… The allegedly sagacious members of our building have illuminated the compound with a battery of floodlights, it may not keep thieves away, but it certa... [More]

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In the loving memory of my grandmother.

by shayoni 3. May 2010 13:46
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A slice of life

Mumbai my whore.

by Sunil Vaidyanathan 1. May 2009 16:21
It is time; I shall soon have to bid her adieu… I may not be missed, after all, I am not her only customer and she is but a whore. We have developed a strange fondness for each other, a strange love-hate relationship. We used to love each othe... [More]

The Rose Princess

by Sunil 29. April 2009 16:44
She would stand at the street corner, her bunch of roses clasped firmly, as if to prevent them from being snatched away. She could not have been much older than twelve. Despite her dishevelled appearance she was pretty, very pretty; poised against th... [More]


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