Goa in the Monsoon

by Shayoni 24. April 2009 05:54

“Goa in the monsoon… Are you sure?” This was the comment I received the moment I mentioned it to anyone. Well… I am now seriously thinking about it. Actually to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I am really excited about it! I like being in crowded tourist destinations in a season which dissuades others from visiting.

Ok… the truth is, the idea of Goa in the monsoon is absolutely thrilling, because believe it or not, this is going to be our first “non-working” trip together! In case you are wondering, even our honeymoon was a work trip. We went where we did, because we had to shoot what we had to shoot! And since then, our incredible journeys have continued. Sadly, in the past three years, we have never had the chance to take a holiday!

Most of the time, Sunil and I don’t have a choice about the places we visit, or the time of the year we get to go there. Work trips don’t have that luxury. But they have their own charm. Working at 3 degree Celsius on an early winter morning or a blistering 50 degrees plus does not bother you after a while. Soon you see, think, eat and dream only images and tales!

My country and her people fascinate me and I have realized even the poorest street dweller has something to teach you. One of the best cups of tea I have shared during my journeys was in a half-dismantled shanty at the Pushkar Fair, paid for by a man I did not know. The shopkeeper was tired and wanted a hot drink. He also wanted to share his beverage with someone over a little chat about his home and family. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time.  The tea was his treat! As for me, like a true Indian, I never say no to a cup any time of the day.

Now going back to what I started with… of course none of the above indicates that we still won’t have cameras hanging from our necks in Goa, even during the monsoon. That is, if we finally manage to get there. For now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed so we don’t have to cancel our plans and take off for another work trip around that time.





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