The Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

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Of the many gods in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha reigns supreme. In the animal kingdom, the elephant has been considered a symbol of strength, determination and benevolence since time-immemorial, and so it is hardly surprising that this association, culminated in the elephant-headed god’s inclusion into the Hindu pantheon. The portly elephant-headed god has regaled many generations of Indians with numerous legends. It is no surprise then, that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp in India. 


It was in the days of the Raj, that the first Sarvajanik Ganpati festival was celebrated. Dissent was rapidly spreading among the subdued subjects and to prevent a repeat of the mutinous rebellion of 1857, a law was passed to ensure that large groups of people could not congregate in public places. Bal Gangadhar Tilak decided to shatter the imperialistic arrogance of the Raj. His conviction towards the freedom struggle ensured the Ganesh Chaturthi festival became a public event; a cultural adhesive that would bond the entire society for at least eleven days. 


The first Sarvajanik Ganapati was consecrated in the quaint Girgaon area of Bombay, with Tilak at the hub of its affairs. In fact, a hundred years later, to commemorate the occasion, a huge procession took to the streets, with young men dressed and made-up to look like Lokmanya, to recreate the original event. The festival is generally celebrated on the fourth day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapad (August-September).


In Maharashtra’s ‘cultural capital’ Pune, the festival is celebrated with great zeal. In 1892, Peshwa Nanasaheb Khagiwale witnessed the public celebration of the festival in the then erstwhile kingdom of Gwalior and was inspired to launch a similar event here. In 1893, at the Peshwa’s behest, the first three public Ganpati mandals were set up. However, the credit of converting the Ganesh festival into a national movement goes to Tilak alone. This festival proved to be an effective medium to spread awareness of a national identity in the period preceding independence. However, it has become entertainment oriented now and its original purpose of bringing about social awareness has been diluted. In Pune the Ganesh festival coincides with one of the largest cultural fests in the country ‘The Pune Festival’. During Ganesh Chaturthi, Pune is decked up like a bride. The streets are lit with colourful lights and each of the Pandals enshrining the Ganpatis chronicle popular Hindu legends. Dramas and recitals of devotional songs are performed on temporary stages and the air resonates with the echo of loud music and cheers of the revellers. The most well known among these, is the ‘Shreemant Dagadusheth Halwai Mandir,’ where over one million devotees pay their respects every year.


The Ganesha idols, which were traditionally modelled out of unbaked clay, are received as guests into individual homes and public Pandals. The immersion takes place amidst great pomp, anytime between the second and the eleventh day, which is celebrated as Ananth Chaturdeshi. In Mumbai, the size of the idols range from a few inches to over twenty feet, the latter is obviously restricted to the public pandals. The depiction ranges from simple to the most fantastic. While the idols are generally immersed in the sea, any water body serves as a suitable alternative. However of late, due to the use of metallic paints and plaster-of-Paris idols, it has become an environmental hazard and every festival is usually followed by a massive cleanup operation.


Sunil Vaidyanathan/ Shayoni Mitra


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